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How to pack a suitcase

It’s all go! You’ve been planning this trip for a while; you have your tickets, travel insurance, diary, foreign money, passport...and a huge pile of clothes and presents to pack! Here are some helpful hints for you when you are packing that dreaded suitcase...
By pink 15-Feb-2006 | Read More

If You Can’t Go To The World....Let The World Come To You!

Lack of money, ill health, reluctance to step on a plane, too busy with work or children... there are lots of reasons why you may not be able to travel but this does not mean you must miss out on the wonderful experiences of mingling with people of other cultures. Here are some of the ways my life and the lives of my family have been enriched by intercultural experiences at home. Life-long friendships have developed and our mailbox often brings letters and postcards from distant corners of the world.
By yellow 13-Feb-2006 | Read More