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Teens and Txting

Organising weekend plans, informing Mum she is ten minutes late, asking about homework, asking out boys, finding out the latest Goss about the class geek and that hot guy across the river at Boys High. No matter what teens use their cellphone for there is one issue constantly facing them: how much txting is too much txting?

Anyone with a teenager would know, that a good percentage of their allowance heads towards their cellphone. Most likely, a lot of your preciously earned cash heads towards phone cards as well. How many of you have been giving your daughter a ride to school out of generosity, thinking maybe you can begin to have that girly chat during the 20minute travel only to find the second you start up the car her cellphone beeps. The 20minute ride is then spent in silence apart from the constant clicking of buttons as she txts her friends. Parents all around feel that the amount teenagers txt is horrific. However teenagers disagree, quite obviously, stating that they were asking what homework was due, or finding out what class was first. While these are very good excuses and may occasionally actually be the truth, you are likely to find that the last txt she received (and laughed at, laughed, she LAUGHED?!) was quite likely informing her of the latest scandal at school, or her best friend giving step-by-step details of her conversation with the hottest guy at school last night on msn. Yes, that innocent smile saying 'don't worry Mum, I don't txt that much. I just had to ask Emma what homework we got in Social Studies' quite likely meant she just got asked out by that boy she has been liking for ages (you know the one, you hated him at first sight, long hair, pants half way down his bum).

Yes, teenagers really do txt a lot. While sometimes it is for useful reasons it is often just everyday conversation. The type that could easily be said over the telephone, or typed on msn. Do teenagers txt too much? No, I don't think they do. Most teens who own Telecom phones will have $10 txting. The Boost $10 txting offers the ever so tempting 1000 txts for $10 instead of the usual 20c per txt, these can only be sent to 027 (Telecom) phones. The other deal Telecom offers under $10 txting is 500 txts for $10 which can be sent to 021 (Vodaphone) or 027 (Telecom) phones, Vodaphone offers free txting in weekends only to 021(Vodaphone) phones. With these deals hanging about why wouldn't you make the most of them? Teenagers nowadays just know how to spot a bargain! - and how to take advantage of it!

Have you ever managed to have a six-way conversation on the telephone before? With txting it is easy. You can send the same txt to various people at the same time. Teens find this very useful when it comes to finding out the latest gossip and organising weekend plans.

Okay, any teenager who is reading this will say one thing: adults could do it if they wanted to too. That's true. Why don't adults make the most of the bargain that is available? I mean, when you are supermarket shopping and the budget toilet paper offers "buy 2 get one free", so you get that instead of the slightly more expensive type you normally buy don't you? At The Warehouse you are easily tempted with the cheap clothes options aren't you? You bargain hunt there.but not when it comes to txting. The logic in Boost $10 txting is that you are paying for 50 txts and getting 950 txts FREE! If that isn't a bargain then I don't know what is!

So next time on that 20minute car ride, instead of picking a fight about how much she txts just think of all the money she is saving. Smile when she tells you she is just 'checking up on homework' and let your mind think up stories about what she is really doing. Has that boy just asked her out? Or is she finding out about what happened on the OC last night? Teens don't txt too much, it's just that you, as an adult, don't txt enough ;)

By lime 13-Feb-2006
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