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Business in a Nutshell (a teen perspective)

For Economics at school we are doing 'enterprise studies'. Basically what this means is that we come up with some sort of a product, make it, then sell it. My group consists of four people. We decided to make cushions. On a Monday after school we all headed to the local fabric shop to decide upon the fabric. After two hours of debate, we settled upon a fluffy hot pink, a sparkly, fluffy lime green and a black fabric with cute little glittery handbags printed on it. For backing we bought black sweat shirting material (because it was on sale) and hot pink silk. Happy with the purchases we all headed home.

Me, being the person I am, ended up with the material over the weekend. I moodily spent my Sunday morning pondering over how to make them and stressed over the amount of work that needed to done. My mother, quite the sewer back in her day, was helping me. As we measured, I shared my thoughts on a few things in the business world. Thus my article; Business in a Nutshell. If you want to be successful, follow these steps:

  1. Take charge of your group and make sure you get your way.
  2. Fire everyone else in your group.
  3. Eliminate all competition.
  4. Make the product.
  5. Make no enemies - everyone is a potential buyer.
  6. Spend countless hours bargaining with people and convincing people that they need you - oh yeah, and your product.
  7. Sell the product, stooping to even the lowest possible method. I don't care if it is door-to-door or online with eBay, sell the damn stuff!
  8. Keep the profits.
  9. Find a new hobby.

As I neared the end of the measuring, cutting, pinning I was still grumbling miserably about the business world and realised a few things.

  1. Everyone is out to get you.
  2. Nobody likes you.
  3. You need every friend you can get.

By this stage I was sewing the material and moaning profusely at the complexity of the job. It was very complicated stuff to sew at the best of times, let alone when a novice, such as me was sewing. Finally, after many angry comments I had finished four and had only, oh I don't know, maybe another twenty to go. Angrily I poked the Dacron filling in them before showing my mother the finished product.

"I better get more money that anyone else out of this." I sulked, slouching down into a couch.

"Well follow your business guidelines and you will." Mum replied, smiling.

Next year with Enterprise Studies, I will work by myself!

I hereby vow to never work underneath someone.

I vow to own my own business.

I vow to be the best.

By lime 3-Mar-2006
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