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Business in a Nutshell (a teen perspective)

At school we are doing enterprise studies for economics. Basically we have to come up with some sort of a product then make it and sell it. My group consists of four people. We decided to make cushions. On a Monday after school we all headed to the local fabric shop and eventually settled upon a fluffy hot pink, a sparkly, fluffy lime green and a black fabric with cute little glittery handbags printed on it. I ended up with the material over the weekend and moodily spent my Sunday morning pondering over how to make the cushions and stressed over the amount of work that needed to done...
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Teens and Txting

Organising weekend plans, informing Mum she is ten minutes late, asking about homework, asking out boys, finding out the latest Goss about the class geek and that hot guy across the river at Boys High. No matter what teens use their cellphone for there is one issue constantly facing them: how much txting is too much txting?
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