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The Driving Question

Currently in New Zealand, a 15-year-old can legally drive a car. NZ has the lowest legal driving age out of the entire developed world, and a flurry of recent motor accidents caused by young drivers has caused debate among politicians and country folk alike: Is 15 too young to hold a drivers license?
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18 or 20? The drinking age problem

At eighteen years old, you can get married without your parents’ permission. You can get a loan, buy a packet of cigarettes, join the army or hire porn. You can travel the world, have children and buy a house. But you can’t have a glass of champagne at your wedding or christen your new house with a well deserved beer. Fair?
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How to be a JAFA (on a budget)

Ask any non-Aucklander about Aucklanders, and the phrase “JAFA” will often come up. While the meaning of the letters cannot be put in print (just ask any non-Aucklander what they mean if you don’t know!); the meaning of the term can be described in a few simple points.
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