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7 Signs you're in a Quarter-life crisis

Greying, paunchy men leaving their wives for their 20-year-old secretaries. Wrinkly housewives enrolling in University to study Sociology. We all know the cliché of the mid-life crisis. But the new kid on the block is much younger, usually prettier but just as irrational. The quarter-life crisis – how do you know if you’re in the midst of one?

  1. You’re quarter-life
    If you’re aged anywhere from 20-25, you’re in the prime age group for a quarter life crisis. If you’re younger than 20, you’re probably just still battling through your teen demons, and if you’re over 25 – well, you missed the boat, and can’t blame your problems on a crisis til you hit your 40s!
  2. You don’t know whether your partner is The One
    You’ve been dating your partner for three years and while the relationship is going strong, you’re not sure he’s The One. Can you really imagine being with this guy for the rest of your life? Can you see your unborn children in his eyes? Is he everything you’ve ever dreamed of? If you answered yes, well done! Let’s just hope he feels the same way. You don’t want to stick with him for another three years and then have him kick you to the curb for someone with less issues! If you answered no, you’re showing signs of a quarter-life crisis. Give the poor guy a break, he’s battling his own problems and doesn’t probably doesn’t realise you have him firmly in sight for the role of Dutiful Husband.
  3. You can’t imagine following a career path
    Your first job was great – for the first year or two. Now the novelty of earning money has worn off and you’re not even sure you’re in the right job. What happened to your dream of becoming a Hollywood A-List celebrity? Will you ever earn enough money to buy Manolo Blahnik shoes? Chances are your first job was taken with the intention of being a ‘foot in the door’. Now you’re feeling like you have your foot in the wrong door
  4. You start to wonder if the Pill is bad for your infertility
    When you first went on the Pill in your teens, it was the ideal solution to calming your teen-pregnancy fears. A few years on, those persistent rumours of decreased fertility due to the Pill are starting to play on your mind. You want to have kids in a few years...what if all those years of panic attacks and morning-after Pills were all for nothing?
  5. You’re turning into your Mum
    You ring your Mum for her Hunza pie recipe, send people cards on their birthdays and worry about everything. You feel like you can’t go to London, New York or Madrid because of recent terrorist attacks. You check the iron twice before leaving the house to make sure it’s turned off. You’ve even started to grow a herb garden…you’re only one step away from owning a vegie patch too!
  6. Suddenly Money Matters
    You still have $20,000 of your Student Loan to pay off. You’ve only been making minimum repayments for a couple of years...but now you’re thinking about investing. (All that money going on rent is just wasted!) How can you even think about getting your own place when you’ve already got a big debt to your name? It’s going to take at least another five years to pay off...but by then surely you’ll be married to a rich husband who will look after you. Won’t you? Surely?
  7. You’re starting to think about retirement
    If you’ve thought about (or already started) investing in a retirement plan, well baby, you’re right in the middle of your quarter life crisis! Retirement is a good 35-45 years away – your whole lifetime again plus – but if you don’t start to think about it now, the years will whiz by and you’ll be living in a rented flat again by the time you’re retired.

If the above scenerios hit a little bit close to home with you, congratulations! You are living your quarter life crisis. Unfortunately I don’t have any fixes for you – hey, I’m right in the middle of mine too, so it’s the blind leading the blind here! But enjoy it. Before you know it, you’ll be married with kids and mortgage and your fancy-free single days will be just a distant memory. That’s what people say anyway...

By pink 18-Aug-2007
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