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7 Signs you're in a Quarter-life crisis

Greying, paunchy men leaving their wives for their 20-year-old secretaries. Wrinkly housewives enrolling in University to study Sociology. We all know the cliché of the mid-life crisis. But the new kid on the block is much younger, usually prettier but just as irrational. The quarter-life crisis – how do you know if you’re in the midst of one?
By pink 18-Aug-2007 | Read More

7 WAYS TO…Manage Stress

Stress is increasingly becoming an issue in the lives of modern women. We are trying to juggle a zillion things at once – work, kids, hobbies, men, friends... It’s time to take some time out and get on top of our stress. Here are some helpful hints on how to do this.
By pink 24-Sep-2006 | Read More

Hip Replacement

There's not much worse than feeling crippled with aching hips. Having had two hips replaced in the space of five months, I feel knowledgeable enough to share some practical advice about preparing for the operation and recovering afterwards...
By yellow 26-Aug-2006 | Read More

“But I hate exercising!” How to battle your exercise demons

Read this practical advice to help conquer those exercise demons and get you on the road to a healthier life. Let’s look at some common excuses and some ways to battle them...
By pink 26-May-2006 | Read More

7 WAYS TO…Get some protein into a non red-meat diet

I find that many of my female friends eat very little red meat. Since iron deficiency is rampant among young women and obesity is on the rise, it's important that non red meat-eaters are aware of their eating patterns. Find out how to get some protein into your diet without slapping a steak on the barbie...
By pink 7-Mar-2006 | Read More

Rugby what?

I’m not a true Kiwi. I like hokey-pokey ice-cream, I own a pair of jandals, and I even have the ‘made in NZ’ symbol tattooed on my back. But I’m not a true kiwi because of one fundamental thing: I don’t like rugby. What? What? I can hear the exclamations of surprise/horror from here. But everyone likes rugby, don’t they?
By pink 10-Sep-2005 | Read More