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Mufti Do's and Don'ts

How many of you have stared at your teenage daughter as she tears around her room trying on every piece of clothing she owns? My parents have done this - a lot. It fact, this normally results in my missing my bus, forgetting various items and coming home upset because two other girls (I know two girls!) were wearing MY jeans. I decided that some advice on the Mufti Do's and Don'ts was in desperate need, for the parents who don't wish to take 30mins to drive their daughter to school and for the daughter so she will be cool, comfortable, and original J.

  • DO wear something that is comfortable. Don't make a big effort to impress everyone, be you. What do you wear into town on the weekends? What clothes do you chuck on after a long day at school, or on the farm?
  • DON'T wear the same clothes that you have worn everyday after school for the past week. A: that's gross and B: you will smell.
  • DO show some individuality, you know those shoes that no one else has? Shove them on, people are sure to be jealous of your hot shoes instead of their boring school ones.
  • DON'T wear the matching jersey that you and your girlfriend gang bought together. A: it's tacky and B: you are going to look like a little clique, a major turn off for potential friends.
  • DO experiment a little. How about that necklace that you have never worn because no one else has it? Or that belt that used to be hideous but is in fashion now?
  • DON'T wear the same clothes that you wear when you are feeding the calves, or having an 'around home day', people don't want to see you in the stuff you just muck around in, people want to see you looking your best.
  • DO set your stuff out the night before, put the mufti money in your bag and even pack your school books the night before, that way you can get your beauty sleep and you'll be organized, plus you will be looking HOT.
  • DON'T panic. Just relax, who cares if everyone is wearing the same jeans? They are going to be feeling just as silly as you. And don't fret if your skirt rips on the bus, laugh about it and explain the story to people who ask. You never know, you could have just started a major fashion trend!

So to all those mothers out there, next mufti day give your daughter some tips. Take her shopping if you like, make sure she relaxes. And if she comes home, stressed to the brim, have some fresh baked cookies ready, and offer your shoulder to cry on. Nobody always has a perfect mufti day. The trick is to relax and laugh about it. Most likely everyone else is having bad luck, just like you.

By lime 16-Jun-2006
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