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Holidays with kids

We would all love to have the money to take our kids to Club Med or Disneyland but the fact is that children don’t need fancy, expensive holidays to have fun. Here is my list of TOP SPOTS FOR KIDS.

This attractive, quiet lake is a haven for kayaking, fishing and other water sports. Rent a bach and enjoy lazing in the sun while the kids have fun with the water. As well, it is located close to Rotorua with all the activities that this great city has to offer. Rotorua is a brilliant place to take children. The mud pools are fascinating! Kuirau Park is only a 5 minute walk from the city centre and here you can soak your feet in a hot water foot pool and be fascinated by the boiling mud pools, hot steaming crater lakes and sulphur vents...for free! Splash out on a day at Rainbow Springs, where you can take a lovely walk through native bush, watch the trout darting in the sparkling clean waters and see kiwis and tuataras.
Lake Rotoiti Holiday Houses
Rotorua Information and Travel Office
Rainbow Springs Nature Park

The NEW ZEALAND COASTLINE abounds with rich opportunities at a small cost. Even in the winter, when accommodation will be cheaper, the beach can be fun. Throw on jackets and stroll along the windswept coast, draw pictures in the sand with driftwood pencils, hunt for pretty or unusual shells. There is plenty of room for kids to let off energy running and chasing. At night, warm milos and board games will keep the family cheerful. A particularly interesting beach is Hot Water Beach, at the northeast tip of the Coromandel Peninsula where, if the tide is right, you can dig holes to lie in that are warm from the geothermal activity in the area.
Hot Water Beach
Hot Water Beach Tides

KAPITI COAST, with its close proximity to the capital city Wellington, is a cool place to stay. Here you have the beach AND the city attractions within easy reach. Take a train into the city……much easier than finding parking places for the car. Te Papa is a wonderful museum and it is free
Kapiti Coast

I bet there isn’t a Naki kid who hasn’t experienced fun in the mudflats at low tide. Taking part in mud fights and rolling around until they are unrecognisable, then jumping into the river to clean up seems to be a kid’s dream! This little beach, nearly deserted in winter but a bustling little community in summer, offers swimming in river and sea, fishing for beginners and experts, boating and golfing opportunities and a friendly atmosphere. Hire a bach or caravan or take your tent.
Urenui Beach Motor Camp

Give the kids a tent and they can make their own fun. However, to be done properly, backyard holidays require planning and input from you. Sit down together and write up rules and an itinerary. For example, constant trekking in and out of the house will drive you crazy, so make a rule that they are only allowed in for the loo, shower and perhaps an hour a day for TV watching or playing computer. This means they will have to pack a suitcase with clothes and games for the duration of the “holiday”. Talk about ways to amuse themselves...it might be an hour or two a day at the local swimming pool, walks and bike rides. Join in the outdoor theme by cooking on the barbeque… pancakes for breakfast and sausages for tea.

By yellow 17-Jan-2007
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