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How to soothe those pregnancy jitters

With recent talk about anxiety linked to premature birth, what's a nervous future mum to do? Read on to find out what can be done to soothe your mind and get rid of the pregnancy jitters.
By emerald 5-Sep-2007 | Read More

It's time to enjoy NZ Book Month!

After the great success of last year's inaugural NZ Book Month, this year's event is sure to be an even bigger hit. In the back of a VW, Kathy and Tim, Foodbanquet - the winners of Six Pack 2 have been announced. Get yourself a copy and get along to one of the book month events near you!
By cyan 3-Sep-2007 | Read More

Domaining - work from home and be the boss!

What could be better than... working whenever you want... from wherever you want... using a bit of creative thinking... in a hi-tech industry without a need for high-tech skills... where women possibly have an edge over men... and making some good money while doing it? Welcome to the world of domaining!
By cyan 26-Aug-2007 | Read More

7 Signs you're in a Quarter-life crisis

Greying, paunchy men leaving their wives for their 20-year-old secretaries. Wrinkly housewives enrolling in University to study Sociology. We all know the cliché of the mid-life crisis. But the new kid on the block is much younger, usually prettier but just as irrational. The quarter-life crisis – how do you know if you’re in the midst of one?
By pink 18-Aug-2007 | Read More

Holidays with kids

We would all love to have the money to take our kids to Club Med or Disneyland but the fact is that children don’t need fancy, expensive holidays to have fun. Here is my list of TOP SPOTS FOR KIDS.
By yellow 17-Jan-2007 | Read More

The Driving Question

Currently in New Zealand, a 15-year-old can legally drive a car. NZ has the lowest legal driving age out of the entire developed world, and a flurry of recent motor accidents caused by young drivers has caused debate among politicians and country folk alike: Is 15 too young to hold a drivers license?
By pink 5-Nov-2006 | Read More

Couples we love to hate

It must be mating season. In the last few weeks, I’ve found myself constantly surrounded by googley-eyed, bum-pinching, hands-in-each-others-pockets couples. The more couples I see, the more I dislike them...I’ve even classified them into eight different groups – couples we love to hate.
By pink 13-Oct-2006 | Read More

7 WAYS TO…Manage Stress

Stress is increasingly becoming an issue in the lives of modern women. We are trying to juggle a zillion things at once – work, kids, hobbies, men, friends... It’s time to take some time out and get on top of our stress. Here are some helpful hints on how to do this.
By pink 24-Sep-2006 | Read More

Hip Replacement

There's not much worse than feeling crippled with aching hips. Having had two hips replaced in the space of five months, I feel knowledgeable enough to share some practical advice about preparing for the operation and recovering afterwards...
By yellow 26-Aug-2006 | Read More


While out for a cocktail party with my social netball team the other day, they expressed amazement when they found out I'm of the tender age of 22. They are mostly in their mid to late 20s, and assumed that I was the same age. All of my life I’ve been told I look and act older than I am. But I'm starting to wonder whether perhaps I’m getting to the age when it’s not so great to be told I look older than I am... Where do we draw the line between it being cool to look older, and just not cool at all?
By pink 20-Jul-2006 | Read More